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The Appendix Brabant Record is designed to track and record draft crosses with European Brabant heritage who do not meet purebred European Brabant Registry standards and light horse crosses  with European Brabant Heritage. Within this category, there is no limitation on progenitor draft breeds, conformation or color. The only requirement is the horse be a minimum of 23.5% verifiable European Brabant heritage.


Horses who meet the qualifications for the European Brabant or European Brabant Stock Studbooks will be given the option for inclusion during the application process, however horse owners reserve the right to remain in the Appendix Brabant Record. European Brabant Studbook qualifying horses who remain in the Appendix Brabant Record will be annotated within the Registry. If the qualifying horse is sold, the new owner may request redesignation at the time of ownership transfer. Studbook rules and registration fees apply.

NOTE: Offspring of light horse crosses within the Appendix Brabant Record will not qualify for registration in the European Brabant Stock Studbook. Offspring of draft horse Appendix Brabants who are >47% and meet color standards may be considered for registration within the European Brabant Stock studbook.  

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