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The European Brabant Stock designation is for horses who have a minimum of 47% verifiable European Brabant heritage, and lineage from other draft breeds. The specific goal of the European Brabant Stock registration is to identify quality, breed-standard horses of European Brabant descent who may be used to produce genetically diverse offspring, which may then be evaluated and included in the premiere European Brabant Studbook through the process of 
“Breeding Up.” A horse’s percentage will be based on traceable bloodlines and pedigree of their progenitors (sire and dam) and must consist of a minimum total of 47% verifiable European Brabant heritage to qualify for the European Brabant Stock Studbook. 


If a progenitor is not registered with the EBRA, supportive documents such as the progenitor’s registration and/or passport. A 100% rating assignment for the sire or dam is not automatic, and the European Brabant Registry of America reserves the right to assign a lesser rating if the traceable heritage does not support a 100% rating.


Horses with apparent dilute color or color spotting patterns will not be considered for the European Brabant Stock Studbook, but may be designated as an Appendix Brabant.


All European Brabant Stock applicants (geldings excluded) will be required to have a DNA profile completed, which will be used for parentage analysis and to validate any current and/or future offspring’s pedigree. 

Have your qualified >88% European Brabant Stock mares evaluated, so their offspring will automatically qualify for the premiere European Brabant Studbook.

The European Brabant and Ardennes were the foundation of many draft breeds that exist today, which still exhibit the phenotype and character traits of their ancestors. A few of these breeds continue to incorporate European Brabant and/or Ardennes into their breeding herds. To that end, in addition to the approved European Registries, the EBRA will recognize European Brabant heritage breeds and permit their offspring in the European Brabant Stock designation.  


These horses will still be subject to pedigree assessments for traceable, verifiable heritage to determine a percentage rating at the owner’s expense. Horses who are determined to have >47% European Brabant bloodlines will qualify for inclusion in the European Brabant Stock Studbook. To best ensure the most accurate rating of the horse being registered, owners are required to provide any progenitor documentation available to include registry information, supportive documents, breeder affidavits, bills of sale, pictures, videos and other evidence where possible. A DNA test will be required to prove parentage. If an imported horse of European Brabant heritage, or their offspring, is a breed not found on the list of approved breeds, the horse owner may submit a request for special review. The horse owner must provide the registry’s information, the horse’s supportive documentation and a copy of the supportive documents translated into English. The Executive Board will review the submission and decide whether to recognize and include the breed, and or registry, within the European Brabant Stock designation.  

   NOTE: Research fees apply and may vary. Please contact the Registrar for an estimate. 

EBRA approved foreign registries considered 100% purebred European Brabants 

  • Koninklijke Maatschappij Het Belgisch Trekpaard (KMBT)

  • Koninklijke Vereniging Het Nederlandse Trekpaard (KVTH)

  • Vlaamse fokkers van het Belgisch Trekpaard (VFBT)

  • Association Wallon Cheval Trait Belge (AWCTB)

  • Cheval de Trait Ardennaias

  • Landskontaret for Hest

  • Syndicate d’ Elevage du Cheval Trait Noord

  • Cheval de Trait Luxembourgeois

  • Le Cheval Auxois

Approved Brabant Heritage Breeds not considered 100%

  • American Belgian

  • American Brabant (Book 1)

  • Czech Coldblood Horse

  • German Rhenish Coldblood

  • Italian Heavy Draft

  • Jutland Horse 

  • Lithuanian Heavy Draft

  • Murakoz Horse

  • Pfalz-Ardenner

  • Russian Heavy Draft

  • Swedish Ardennes

  • Sztumski “Polish Coldblood” Draft Horse

  •  Trait Breton Heavy

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