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The European Brabant, as the name implies, originates from Europe in the small province of Brabant in Belgium. History shows that Brabants are the most direct lineal descendants of the “Great Horse” of medieval times that was likely bred to carry knights into battle.

The European Brabants are considered the mother breed of almost all other heavy cold-blooded breeds around the world. Their smooth, powerful and spacious movements at the walk, trot and canter, combined with their legendary calm and gentle character, make them excellent for use in harness and under saddle. They’re used in agriculture and forestry operations, riding school and horse therapy programs, dressage and trail riding disciplines and more. The European Brabant Draft Horse is the strongest of all horse breeds in the world. There are horse breeds that are faster, but no other breed has the same harmonic combination of strength, power, nobility and elegance. They are easy keepers and easily trainable too. Most importantly, they’re loving members of families around the globe.  

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