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The European Brabant Studbook is reserved for purebred horses and the primary goal of this studbook is to preserve imported European Brabant bloodlines. Offspring of purebred, registered European Brabant sire and dam pairings are also eligible for this studbook. Horses who are >93.75% verifiable European Brabant heritage will be considered for inclusion through the "Breed Up" Program after they undergo a full color panel test and pass the Breed Standard Evaluation

The European Brabant Stock Studbook is for horses who have a minimum of 47% verifiable European Brabant heritage, and lineage from other heavy draft breeds. The specific goal of the European Brabant Stock registration is to identify quality, breed-standard horses of European Brabant descent who may be used to produce genetically diverse offspring, which may then be evaluated and included in the premiere European Brabant Studbook through the process of “Breeding Up.”


The EBRA also offers the Appendix Brabant Record, which is designed to track and record draft crosses with European Brabant heritage who do not meet purebred European Brabant Registry standards and light horse crosses with European Brabant Heritage. Within this category, there is no limitation on progenitor draft breeds, conformation or color. The only requirement is the horse be a minimum of 23.5% verifiable European Brabant heritage.

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