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In keeping with the Registry’s mission of maintaining European breed standards, the designation of European Brabant is applied only to imported, purebred horses from European Brabant Registry of  America (EBRA) recognized registries (see approved list). Offspring of purebred, registered European Brabant sire and dam pairings are also eligible for this studbook.


Note: No evaluations of 100% purebred horses are required for registration.


Following the review of supportive documents, horses with passports from the approved registries will be considered 100% purebred. The European Brabant Registry of America reserves the right to assign a lesser rating if the traceable heritage does not support a 100% rating. Should the rating fall below 94%, the horse will be recognized within the European Brabant Stock Studbook.


If a horse is the unregistered offspring of imported horses, the EBRA requires DNA parentage verification and copies of both progenitors’ passports if not already on file with the EBRA. All European Brabant applicants (geldings excluded) will be required to have a DNA profile completed, which will be used for parentage analysis and to validate any current and/or future offspring’s pedigree.


Horses who are >93.75% verifiable European Brabant heritage will be considered for inclusion through the Breed Up Program. Breed Up Program applicants must undergo a full color panel test and pass the Breed Standard Evaluation to be recognized as purebred. 

Approved European Registries

  • Koninklijke Maatschappij Het Belgisch Trekpaard (KMBT)

  • Koninklijke Vereniging Het Nederlandse Trekpaard (KVTH)

  • Vlaamse fokkers van het Belgisch Trekpaard (VFBT)

  • Association Wallon Cheval Trait Belge (AWCTB)

  • Cheval de Trait Ardennaias

  • Landskontaret for Hest

  • Syndicate d’ Elevage du Cheval Trait Noord

  • Cheval de Trait Luxembourgeois

  • Le Cheval Auxois

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