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Please be advised, the European Brabant Studbook designation is for >93.75% Stallions & Mares who are a >2 years old at time of registration.


This all-inclusive registration option covers the registration fee, Breed Standard Evalution fee, DNA profile and Full Color Panel test fees. 


All "Breed Up" applicants must submit:

  • Five photographs: full left side view, full right side view, rear view, front view and headshot
  • 360-degree view walk-around video of the stationary horse
  • Video of the horse demonstrating walk and trot, following EBRA Photo and Video Guidelines.
  • Existing certificate of registration from the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America, Canadian Belgian Horse Association, or American Brabant Association (If applicable)
  • If the applicant is unregistered anywhere else, registration documentation of both parents are required. Applicants applying for registration of a horse whose parent, or parents, are not EBRA registered, must provide a copy of existing registration documentation and/or passport for the non-EBRA sire and/or dam, along with a breeding certificate that substantiates the offspring’s breeding. In the event a breeding certificate is not available, the applicant may provide a DNA parentage test that proves the offspring’s sire and dam. 

“Breed Up” European Brabant Studbook All-Inclusive Registration

PriceFrom $290.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • A one-year Single Membership will be provided to all new, non-members applying for Registration and DNA Profile.

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