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A breeder of registered European Brabants may reserve an exclusive prefix name, if it is not in use, or very similar to other prefix names in use in the files of the EBRA by completing the Prefix Reservation form and paying this fee.


The name may not be used by any other breeder unless such other breeder submits the written permission of the proprietor of the reserved prefix. Keeping your prefix brief will give you a broader choice of names. Provide two choices in order of preference in case the same prefix or a similar one is already in use and on record.


The proprietor’s right to the prefix name shall be lost by five (5) consecutive years of non-use of the prefix. The prefix owner may transfer or retire their prefix at any time by submitting the correlating forms to the EBRA and paying the designated fees.


Note: The Farm Membership includes a complimentary one-time Prefix Reservation

Prefix Reservation

PriceFrom $35.00
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