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If you bought your horse from the person who is recorded on the European Brabant Registry of America Certificate of Registration, the EBRA will need a completed Standard Transfer Form that details and is signed by the seller. A transfer will not be performed without a signed-by-seller form.


If you bought your horse from someone other than the recorded owner (ie, there has been a break or several breaks in ownership) then you need to complete an Exceptional Transfer Form and in the space provided you must:

  • Let the Registry know exactly who you bought your horse from, ie: the name, address, phone number if you have it.
  • The Date of purchase.
  • The Registry will require a copy of any purchase receipt or bill of sale to prove you bought the horse in good faith.


Please pay this fee for all ownership transfers performed after 45 days of purchase. 


Please Note: All DNA parentage verification and mandatory health testing results, whether purchased through the EBRA or transferred into the EBRA system, will become permanent record, which the documented owner may access at any time upon request. The EBRA is not responsible for providing non-mandatory DNA test results, therefore the release of any additional testing performed by past or present owners must be negotiated between the private parties at time of purchase.

Registration Transfer over 45 Days after Purchase

PriceFrom $100.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
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