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The all-volunteer Advisory Committee provides expert advice to the Board of Directors in a variety of matters to ensure positive growth, mission success and continued development of the organization.


Harold Williams - Board Chair (US)

Harold Williams has owned and trained draft horses and mules since 1981. He has always been active in trail riding, plowing exhibitions and educational events with schools, universities, and other organizations. He has owned Brabants since 2002.


Ton Van Der Weerden

Ton van der Weerden is a passionate painter and photographer who specializes in equine art, particularly the Dutch Trekpaarden. He is known for expressing the beauty and the power of the European Brabant. He says it’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration to continue photographing and painting. Ton is the co-author of Het Trekpaard and his horse art is sold around the globe.


Het Trekpaard: ISBN: 978-90-8740-000-2 


Ton's photos > 


Monique Beullens

Monique Beullens is the daughter of a renowned Brabant Draft breeder, Frans Beullens of Ranst, Belgium. Given her heritage, Monique was born with a love for the breed. Professionally, she is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at KUL and has been a valued official jury member of Flemish (Brabant) Horse in Belgium and The Netherlands for several years.


Joyce Concklin

Joyce Palm Concklin grew up in Northern New Jersey where she rode horses and learned to drive while working on a nearby Saddlebred farm. She continued her driving career working harness racing horses at Goshen, Monticello, Pocono and the Meadowlands. In the early 80’s, she moved to Florida and bought a 16 acre farm she named Clover Oaks Farm. After opening her facility, she started a Norwegian Fjord breeding and training program. That is until she attended Horse Progress Days with a friend one year later, and was introduced and awestruck by a team of European Brabants. She and her friend decided to make the journey to Belgium in search of their own Brabants. They were escorted to various breeding farms by a veterinarian and then by the President of the Belgian (Brabant) Horse Club. All the while, Joyce could hear her husband’s last words echoing in her mind, “Don’t buy any horse that will mature over 16 hands.” Joyce relayed her husband’s sentiments to their guide and he changed tack, taking them instead to Ardenne draft horse breeders as these horses were less likely to grow as tall. Her friend purchased Brabant fillies and colts, while Joyce imported Ardennes fillies and colt named Simba du Pont de Tournay, or Simba for short. Even at six months old, he was an instant hit and had an enormous fan club. He grew into a fine stallion, siring many foals who are scattered across the US, and also developed into a winning horse in the show ring. In 2015, Simba was honored as the Breyerfest Celebration Horse and he, along with his Ardenne mare teammate, Gia, exhibited their skills to the Phantom of the Opera tune during the “Viva La France” themed event. Never before had people witnessed a stallion and mare working so cohesively side-by-side - a true testament to the outstanding temperament of the breed and Joyce’s skills as a horseman. “Anyone who has worked with Ardennes and Brabants know they are special,” says Joyce. “It would be sad to change their respective breeds.” Today, Joyce continues to breed Fjords and Ardennes and enjoys training both horses and their humans. She also sits on the European Brabant Registry of America’s Advisory Board and acts as the voice for Ardenne owners and enthusiasts within the organization. 


Angie Rodeman

Angie Rodeman of Duluth, Minnesota, has had a love for horses since she was a little girl. Her mom believed having horses would keep her and her siblings grounded and help them navigate life’s challenges. When Angie grew up, she moved away, attended Cosmetology school and spent ten years dressing hair indoors. It was then she realized that wasn’t her future. Horses were my dream, her passion, and no matter what, she would make that dream come true. She did, when she founded Rode-Em-In Ranch. Upon meeting an old plow horse named Duke, she fell in love with draft horses and after years of breeding light horses, she changed her focus and purchased her first Percheron stallion “IROC.” In the 20 years since beginning her draft breeding program, Angie has perfected and mastered breeding quality draft and draft cross horses with exceptional minds, impeccable conformation and outstanding color that have sold nationwide. Angie presently stands six incredible stallions, which include European Brabants, Percherons and Spotted Drafts. In addition to her successful breeding program, Angie trains horses to ride and drive and is a Member of the European Brabant Registry of America’s Advisory Committee, where she represents fellow draft cross owners and breeders as well as promotes European Brabant draft cross programs within the organization.


Ann Muys

Ann Muys comes from a family of farmers, both on her mother’s and father’s side, and she grew up working draft horses in the fields. That’s where her passion for draft horses blossomed. Today, Ann Muys owns van 't Asschaut Studfarm in Belgium where she breeds top quality eventing and jumping horses whose names top the lists of several important jumping and eventing competitions each year. Even though she doesn’t own any draft horses herself, many of her friends are breeders of Brabants. From her own experience as a rider and instructor, she attaches great importance to recreational riding and working of draft horses. Jumping horse breeds focus on performance, which means that many of these horses are no longer suitable for recreational riders due to their character, health, training and other influences. “Brabant horses have calm characters, which stand in sharp contrast with riding horses,” says Ann. “But they aren’t lazy or slow either. Several riders make the switch from riding performance horses to draft horses because they are calmer and do not require training every day; therefore, riders have more time for the family or other hobbies. The draft horses in Belgium are showing a clear upward trend, both ridden and hitched, so there is something for everyone.” Ann uses her practical breeding experience in her position as Secretary of the Flemish Breeders of the Belgian Draft Horse (V.F.B.T) Studbook to promote the use of the Brabant draft horses. “When there is no breeding goal, there is no reason to breed,” adds Ann. In addition to her position as Secretary of the V.F.B.T, she is also the editor-in-chief of the members' magazine, “V.F.B.T,” with more than 750 addresses in Belgium and beyond.  She also sits on the European Brabant Registry of America’s Advisory Committee with the sole aim of providing current V.F.B.T. regulations guidance and pedigree data. 


Joost Callebert

Joost Callebert is the current President of Vlaamse fokkers van het Belgisch Trekpaard (VFBT) Studbook. He oversees the registration of Brabant horses born in Flanders as well as organizes competitions and stallion inspections in five provinces in Belgium and hosts the Flemish Championships. He sits on the European Brabant Registry of America’s Advisory Committee.

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