Understanding PSSM in Brabants

By Stacy Pearsall with Rebecca Courtney, Dehan Courtney, Tim Gunter, Will Beattie and Dr. Hernando Plata, DVM

PSSM has been a hot button topic in the horse community lately, and given the prominence of the condition within draft horse breeds, Brabants included, we thought it was worth investigating the implications of PSSM on European Brabants while also outlining the European Brabant Registry of America's views on the issue. Unlike other draft horse registries, we require PSSM testing for all breeding stallions and encourage all European Brabant owners to test their horses, so they may make informed decisions about health, exercise, diet and breeding. That said, as a Registry we do not prohibit the breeding of European Brabants who carry the gene, and we hope this article clarifies our reasoning and stance on the matter.

It's important to consider that most medical journals and literature available on PSSM skews toward PSSM's impact on light horse breeds, rather than draft horses. Given draft horses respond to PSSM significantly differently from their light horse cousins, we researched and condensed draft horse specific studies and articles into this succinct overview for our European Brabant owners and breeders.